Welcome to the new American Township Fire Department website. We're still making changes and updating the site. Thank you for your patience in this process.

Accecpting Applications

 American Township Fire Dept is now accepting applications for Career Firefighter/Paramedics. 

All applicants are subject to the selection process. To be considered, the applicant shall have high school diploma or GED, valid Ohio driver license, be at least 18 years of age, and possess a minimum of an Ohio (NFPA) Firefighter II, Ohio paramedic certification and current ACLS and CPR certifications. Familiarity with the Elida/American Twp response area is preferable but not mandatory. Excellent wages and benefits. 

Applications may be obtained and dropped off at American Township Fire station #1 105 W Main St, Elida Ohio, 45807. Phone 419-339-3921 for more information. American Twp is an equal opportunity employer.

All applications must be submitted by August 14, 2015 to be considered



Summer Saftey Tips

As summer fastly approaches here are some saftey tips to ensure you and your family has a safe and fun summer.

Pool and Water Saftey:

  • Anywhere there is water is the potential for drowning. NEVER SWIM ALONE!
  • Adults should be within arms reach of children, infants and weaker swimmers when swimming
  • When in open waters on a boat all individuals should wear life jackets especially children
  • Never run, always walk around a pool it could be slippery

Barbecue and Fire Saftey:

  • Keep all grills atleast 10ft away from houses, garages and bushes.
  • Keep children away from the grill, and never leave it unattended
  • NEVER use a grill inside a house or garage
  • Store propane tanks in a garage and never in the house

Sun Saftey:

  • The sun is the strongest 10am-2pm-limit your exposure between those times
  • Apply sunscreen, reapply every two hours when sweating or swimming

Heat Saftey:

  • Recgonize the sings of heatstroke and exhaustion- fatigue, confusion, extreme thirst, cramping and nausea
  • Stay hydrated- DRINK PLENTY OF WATER!
  • Pace yourself outdoors
  • Monitor those at high risk- infants, young children and the elderly
  • DO NOT leave children unattended in the car




ATFD Patch and Emblem

The Patch and Emblem We Display

At The American Township Fire Department


Upon establishing the American Township Fire Department, ATFD, in 2007 the members of the department wanted to design a patch and department emblem that represented the heritage we honor and the course the department is heading. Fire and police agencies have long been identified by their patches and emblems. In the business world today, numerous businesses and cities are now establishing an identity and calling it branding.

Many residents of American Township are unaware that it was originally named German Township until it was changed to American Township in 1918. Township citizens successfully petitioned for the name change citing Anti-German sentiment as the primary reason for the request.  American Township in Allen County is also the only American Township in the State of Ohio.

To understand the ATFD patch we must look at each element of the patch. We will start with the shape of the patch. Many call it the Maltese cross when in actuality it is known as the cross of Saint Florian. Saint Florian is the Patron Saint of Fire Fighters and protects those who protect others.  Like the Maltese cross, the cross of Saint Florian has eight points of courage and it also has a large curved arc between the points. The points represent: Loyalty, Piety (devotion to parents, family and church), Generosity, Bravery, Glory and honor, Contempt of death, Helpfulness towards the poor and the sick, Respect for the church.  In the center of the patch is the American flag. We wear our flag proudly and for all of which it stands for. Our flag patch is oriented with the union, blue field with stars, pointing toward the front. This rule dates back to the U.S. Army's early history, when both mounted cavalry and infantry units would designate a standard bearer who carried the Colors into battle. As he charged, his forward motion caused the flag to stream back. Since the Stars and Stripes are mounted with the canton closest to the pole the stripes flew to the back. With respect to all that have given the ultimate sacrifice of life and those who have served our great Nation, the union will always be facing forward, or over our heart. The last detail on the patch is that of the bald eagle. The bald eagle was selected because it represents courage, strength, and freedom. To quote John F. Kennedy: "The Founding Fathers made an appropriate choice when they selected the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation. The fierce beauty and proud independence of this great bird aptly symbolizes the strength and freedom of America."

In closing, one will note that no matter where the Eagle is located on ATFD equipment or uniforms it is always facing forward. It is a daily reminder that we do not rest on our laurels of the past, but strive to improve ourselves making a better tomorrow for all that live and visit American Township.




The history and operations of American Township Fire Department


The American Township Fire Department is comprised of two stations.  Station 1 is located in the village of Elida, which houses 3 firefighter/paramedics, one Platoon Chief per shift, one Deputy Chief, and one Chief.  Vehicles at station one include 2 ALS ambulances, 1 heavy rescue, 1 engine, 1 fire safety house trailer, 1 water rescue trailer with 2 inflatable boats, and 1 generator trailer with insulation vacuum.  The village of Elida is located on State Route 309 (Elida Road).  Elida sits between the City of Lima and Delphos.  Station 1 covers an area of single family homes, farms, commercial properties, and 2 assisted living communities.  Station 2 is located on the east side of American township.  Station 2 houses 3 firefighter/paramedics, 1 lieutenant per shift.  The station has 1 quint, 1 engine, 1 ALS ambulance, and 1 utility truck.  Station 2 sits between American Township’s commercial area and the townships single and multi-family homes.  Station 2 also covers 2 assisted living, UNOH (University of Northwest Ohio) and 2 grain elevators. 

 American Township Fire Department has 1 Chief, 1 Deputy Chief, 3 Platoon Chiefs, 3 Lieutenants, 18 firefighter/medics, and 10 volunteers supplement the full time staff.  We work on a Kelly style shift rotation with 3 shifts.  Allen County Sheriff’s office dispatches our department.  American Township is assisted by and assists Lima Fire Department, Shawnee Township Fire Department, Delphos Fire Department, Spencerville Invincible Fire Department, Bath Fire Department, 2 private ambulance companies, and several Putnam county fire departments.  American Township Fire Department covers portions of three additional townships, Marion, Amanda, Sugar Creek.  Our coverage area is just under 100 square miles and approx 20,000 people.  Our average run total is 2000 to 2400 calls.

 On June 20, 1910, the Village of Elida bought a fire engine for the sum of $1600.  In April 20, 1927, with twelve men signing the handwritten minutes, the Elida Community Fire Company was organized.  In 1949, the Elida Fire Department was incorporated.  In 1968, the Fire Department moved into the new American Township Fire Station at 105 West Main Street.  The Elida Rescue Squad was formed in June of 1974.  On July 1, 2007, the American Township trustees took control of the Elida Community Fire Company, which was a private fire department.  A Chief, Deputy Chief and all Elida firefighters were hired by American Township.  The American Township firefighters are members of The International Association of Firefighters, American Township Local 4020.


Mission Statement

The Mission of the American Township Fire Department is to deliver to our residents and neighbors the highest quality fire, medical and emergency services.

 Vision Statement

 To be recognized by the community and our peers as

  • A model of excellence in providing fire protection, EMS and related services
  • A department dedicated to continuous improvement to every detail of the services we provide
  • A department that promotes an environment of tolerance, trust and involvement
  • A department responsive to the community’s needs and concerns

 Core Values

We believe that our people are our most important asset. We as members, embrace these core values:

  • Professionalism
  • Pride
  • Integrity
  • Commitment
  • Compassion
  • Camaraderie
  • Concern
  • Caring
  • Tradition